1. Docs Worth Watching:

    Zero to 100


  2. This article is quite hilarious. Worth the read.

  3. If only this picture conveyed how hilarious and difficult it was for us to get into this pose. Regramed from @thankyoga (at Starbucks)

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  4. Tonight I said #fuckyourfears to one of the biggest fears of mine for a long time. I’ve been writing and playing music for 6+ years and have never played on open mic. Well I should have done that before tonight, that shit was fun :) regram from @thankyoga #thankyogaoffthemat #thankfriends But really thanks to all you guys who listened to me play tonight, fuckin love you. (at Kafe Kerouac)

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  5. Yoga Class Road Rage.

    Story of my life sometimes. I think we can all relate.


  6. Shit’s about to get real. @thankyoga ‪#‎gopro‬‪#‎thankgopro‬ ‪#‎goproyoga‬

  7. Discovered this little ‪#‎rumi‬ gem while reading through my ‪#‎whitelotusfoundation‬binder :) Missing all my WL loves! ‪#‎truelove‬ ‪#‎thankyoga‬

  9. A Notable Namaste.

    Progressive Yoga. 6.13.13. Balanced Yoga.Thank Yoga.Yoga on High.Replenish.

    Incredible energy. Incredible community. All different kinds of yogis came together for one hell of an afternoon and evening.

    Here is a little overview of what this was all about:

    It’s such a powerful thing to combine forces with others who are so passionate about what they do, that when asked by Lara if I wanted to be a part of this, my natural response was yes!

    Have you ever been to a progressive dinner, where you begin at one person’s house, eat a little something, then go on to someone else’s home for something different, and so on? Well, we’re doing that with yoga! We’ll be starting at Balanced Yoga, where Lara Falberg will lead a warm-up Vinyasa class. From there, we’ll bike or drive to Thank Yoga, and Josie Schweitzer will lead us into a progressively more challenging Vinyasa with arm balances and inversions. Then, to Yoga on High for a condensed version of Jasmine Grace’s Slow Flow Vinyasa. Finally, we’ll conclude class at Replenish: The Spa and Co-op where Chanelle Redmond will finish our sequence with restorative and yin postures, incorporating some gentle partner work. After class, there will be a potluck where we can REALLY collaborate as a community. Deja and Blair will provide mini make-overs for lips or eyes if you’re so inclined. 

    Keep a look out and join us next time (:



  10. Currently yoga-ing to.

    You’ve Got Time - Regina Spektor
    Theme song to Orange is the New Black, aka my favorite series to date. “Every sentence is a story.”

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  11. thankyoga:

    Most solid and favorite playlist I’ve crafted for a class thus far. Give it a listen, maybe even throw in a side of vinyasa (:

    This morning’s class got a dope ass playlist if I do say so myself (:

  13. Gotta get those fruits and veggies, kids!

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  14. A Notable Namaste. Bindu July @ Thank Yoga. 7.7.13.

    @seashelts about to take us to another universe at #binducolumbus, last night. #move #thankyoga (at Thankyoga)

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  15. Alex Morgan Yoga Sesh.